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Art in Dumaguete – Many years ago, because I was too late to ever become her student, I used to visit the National Artist for Literature Edith Tiempo over at her office at the CAP Building along the Boulevard and bask as she regaled her stories about the heydays of creative writing over at Silliman University and in Dumaguete as a whole—and one day I asked her why she never saw fit to leave Dumaguete for the so-called greener pastures of elsewhere. I told her, “Mom Edith, you have a great reputation as a poet, and you are more or less a giant in Philippine literature. Hasn’t leaving for Manila or for abroad to pursue greater opportunities for your writing ever occurred to you?”

Dagit with Ian

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We celebrate the artistic synergy of the island and will continue to promote the talents of its people. Here you will get to know the pool of creatives for this year’s Dagit Arts Fest.

Featured Artist: Jessica Lupisan

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What moved you to start painting in watercolour?

Though watercolour is an intimidating medium to many, I started using waltercolour as a child. I have used oils and acrylic but I find watercolour more interesting and challenging to handle. When I work with watercolours, I keep guessing how my painting would come out because water is difficult to control. More often than not though, it leads you to a lot of surprises that makes ones work even more beautiful. Continue reading “Feature”

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